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Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
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"People who aren't fans of baseball — I call them jerks — often complain of the pacing of the game."

A Review of the Nationals new stadium
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Now I wish I had thought to take pictures around Honolulu last Christmas for documentation of the Obama-buzz on the ground there. (I'm sure it's a whole world bigger by now.)

Wasilla Photo Safari, courtesy MudFlats

It has been quite a week up there! (Babylon AD: Middle East reference?)
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An excellent comic with the science literacy of the departed Far Side, the dementedness of the hiatus-y Perry Bible Fellowship, and the clip art of still-running Dinosaur Comix.

Partially Clips

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Congrats to the Waipio Little Leaguers for winning the 2008 LLWS!

Hawai'i is blowin' up all over this year!

- Presidential candidate

- LLWS champions (Twice in four years! Remind you of anyone?)

- Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist

- The privilege of getting posterized by two SEC teams within 9 months

Hmm, maybe that last one doesn't deserve to be a bulleted item. But still, there's a lot of high-profile stuff coming out of The Aloha State. It's almost enough to make one think that experienced, national newspeople might even consider the state familiar and non-threatening.

"I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state," but it looks "foreign, exotic"

So... you're saying Hawai'i needs to make a few more magazine covers then?
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A cat in the O'Donnell household? Steven the dog rolled over in his grave - an act made all the more sad by the fact that he never could execute the trick while alive.
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"I’ve got to say over 90 percent."

- Ichiro Suzuki, estimating the amount his annual pre-All-Star Game speech has contributed to the American League winning every year he's played

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A very strange weekend included:

- Accidentally getting locked on my roof.

- Tripping over a racoon (no one was injured).

- Meeting former Red Sox star Fred Lynn at a bar.
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Where have I been lately? Sweet stumbling Botswana, I have no idea. There was a heatwave and some lightning, and then I remember waking up in New Jersey, and then a couple of Baseball games. The past few weeks have been like some sort of fever dream.

And then I go to the grocery store yesterday and see this:

Yes, that is "Dinosaur's Devil's Duel Habanero Sauce". The confusing 'Love's Labour's Lost' punctuation is due to Dinosaur being the company, and Devil's Duel being the variety. But they aren't exactly clearing things up by featuring a dinosaur fencing a devil on the bottle. And, if I'm not mistaken, Dino is totally schooling Ol' Scratch by the look of it.
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For the past few weeks, I've been getting nearly daily updates from my mom on our high school's pursuit of it's fifth straight state Baseball title. A couple of days ago, they got just that, beating out regular season champ St. Louis three or four times over two weeks of ILH and then state tournament play.

Then yesterday, I find out that Sports Illustrated has named Punahou the top high school athletic program in the country, for the 2007-2008 season. Punahou's really been busy in the 21st century, apparently. My class had its share of winners too, so I'm proud of the school's athletic history and the recognition it's getting now. Even though my only contribution to it was lettering in bowling during non-championship seasons. It was that damn St. Louis again. You suck, Crusaders.
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