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zot! - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
So I totally forgot for one week that I'm going to be paid bi-weekly starting this month. I'd say this caught me a bit flat-footed but knowing it all along would have only eliminated the surprise of finding out for the second time, not made the transition any easier. It still means that I have to figure out what to do about bills that must be paid during my first week without money.

This isn't a disaster; if I wanted to freak out about stuff (and I must want to) there's plenty else to choose from. Frankly, this little blip shouldn't even bother taking a number out of the ice-cream parlor dispenser. Still, it's bothersome. Luckily, it's just bothersome enough to rant about, not bothersome enough to hide away and let kill me in private.

I can do one of two things:

1. Ask my bills to let me be a week late. I wonder when they're going to get sick of me asking that. Maybe this time.

2. Ask for an advance on the check that I would have gotten next friday, shortening pay cycle for the month of March and eliminating it from the running for "Month my shit gets together".


No, if I really wanted to worry about something, it's those unopened Student Loan envelopes on my table. Yeah, why don't I do that? Not open them, just keep them around so they can catch my eye anytime I start to feel an inappropriate wellness-of-being come over me.

Ahhh, spring.


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