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is it me? it's me isn't it? - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
is it me? it's me isn't it?
when i'm off my game, it really gets gone. tonight i had the most surreal, slow-motion, detached pseudo-argument i perhaps ever have had (description not valid when considering any discussion with my boss). this may be hyperbole since my conversations with people these days tend to be more of the "excuse me, pardon me, getting off the train" variety. still, it sticks out in my mind.

discussing Lost at friends' house, i mentioned that i really like all the little twisty mysteries, but i'm really grabbed by one in particular. i go so far to say that if the show were to suddenly vanish with no hope of retrieval, the one oddity i would lament not knowing would be "insert mystery here for sake of people who want no spoilers". my friend says to me, "i disagree; there are so many other mysteries, what about (x, x, x, etc?)"

now this was clearly my undoing, but i reply, "that isn't really something to agree or disagree with; i'm just describing what i'd most need to know if the show hypothetically self-destructed." that sets off a whole meta-debate over what was just said, most of which i spend re-explaining the "real world" circumstance i was trying to illustrate which is misunderstood as a reiteration of the "tv show world" judgement i was supposedly making (ie that there's only one interesting story line). [note: this is materially unrelated to the point i was making and even aside from that i wouldn't even agree with it; the show is interesting on multiple levels.]

by this time, i'm completely in the weeds in terms of what the hell anyone even wants me to say here because i'm trying to defend myself on three fronts and the original friend with whom this whole thing started pulls the pin on the conversation-ending grenade - "am i allowed to have an opinion here?"

ka-boom. there's nothing that can be done with that because it was never in question that he could give his opinion. this is the conversational equivalent of "when did you stop beating your wife?" - there is no possible response from the defendant which would allow them to regain their ground. it's discourse poison. as such, a relatively meaningless detour from an otherwise engaging commiseration almost resulted in my pulling the ejector seat.

i talk too much.

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