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a happy accident - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
a happy accident
my habit of having jimmy kimmel on in the background during the break between Nightline and Conan paid off tonight by overhearing that the Dresden Dolls would be performing tonight on the program. even though I've temporarily de-shuffled them, I couldn't pass up on a corporate TV event. luckily Conan was in reruns, probably prepping for his upcoming visit to Chicago.

seeing the Dolls on Kimmel was admittedly odd. JK, by virtue of its post-midnight timeslot, does have a lot of latitude in booking its musical acts. still, the show is dominated with a decidedly frat-boy aesthetic so usually that latitude is enforced by bringing in stuff more along the lines of Atreyu or Matisyahu. The Dolls don't really seem to fit the mold. I commend Jimmy's crew for painting outside the lines on this one. (This is, of course, ignoring the possibility that Disney and the Dolls' label have an established marketing tie, making the Kimmel show's decision for it.)

I'm not so sure about the Dolls' choice (whether it was theirs or by fiat) of song. Backstabber doesn't stand out in particular to me. Truth be told, to my ears, it only holds the title of "Second Best Song Named 'Backstabber' by a Boston-based Band"; the winner of course being Thumper's unbeatable song of the same name. Apparently, backstabbing in Beantown is an offense liable to get you written up in verse. From what I've been able to hear here and there, there are much better song candidates for national exposure available on "Yes Virginia".

But hey, no ones asking me.


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snowmans_chance From: snowmans_chance Date: April 21st, 2006 05:54 am (UTC) (Link)
i happened to catch imogen heap (sp?; lead singer of frou frou) on JK one night, under a similar pretense; late night and between other shows. JK has some surprising musical acts on his show despite the frat boy mentality. i know i, for one, am constantly surprised.

im not sure that any of this is relevant. i guess i just wanted to write 'frou frou' at least once in my life.
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