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North Brooklyn can rant too. - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
North Brooklyn can rant too.
Saturday Baseball was delayed but perservered and squeezed in between two storm fronts. Mets won and I'm glad I saw it because it's the only good that happened today.

The delay pushed the game right up against the local news, which I stuck around for. As usual, there's another crisis here, involving a six-day power outage in Queens.

It's pretty bad and I am concerned for people who rely on electricity for their health and safety. But those people aren't getting on the news. Instead, we mostly see shrill, uncomfortable people who have grown accustomed to air conditioning. By the sound of it, someone who was unfamiliar with the history of technology would assume that AC units were invented shortly after fire and the wheel. Of course, losing food and customers are economically injurious so I'm glad that the reporters occasionally break away from someone ranting about it being hot to show a restauranteur talking about the money he and his employees are losing. But I find it insulting and offensive to focus on the people who are simply uncomfortable. Especially when people are drawing comparisons to being in the stone age. Might want to scooch that up a few thousand years. I have electricity in my apartment and what little food I keep around me isn't spoiling. But it ain't cool in here. The rest of us just deal with it.

Shop owners have been quoted as saying they are genuinely concerned that riots will break out. Sometimes I wonder if the only things that make us behave are air conditioners, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificially suppressed oil prices and disproportionate global trade.

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