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Day 25 - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
Day 25
I finally used up (or lost) the 50 pieces of nicotine gum I purchased 26 days ago. That math easily comes out to about 2 a day, but only about 4 of those were in the past 5 days (not counting the lost ones). As I was starting to run out, I called the NY Quits program because their offer of free gum was also expiring soon. Even though my need was waning, I figured if I was going to have it around, it'd be nice not to pay for it.

That package finally arrived yesterday. Keeping in mind that I had spent $22 on 50 pieces of generic-brand gum 3.5 weeks ago, I was expecting a starter kit of maybe half that. But I also went through that allotment very very slowly, compared to the manufacturer's recommendation. What I got in the mail was sort of ridiculous. Two boxes of gum (mint-flavored even!) containing 110 pieces each. Two hundred twenty pieces in all! And I don't even really need them that much right now! I think I'm going to end up being the annoying friend who tries to make everyone he knows quit too. "And look, I can even get you started!"

Odd observation: When I was smoking, I always got the urge to smoke when watching an anti-smoking ad, even if it was really disgusting or depressing. Well reading through anti-smoking literature has the same effect. The variety of materials NY Quits included with the gum made me crave a drag way more than any of the beer, boredom, coffee, walking, food, or stress I'd encountered on my own in the past week.


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