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in another example of my stereo being a setient being (or… - Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.

in another example of my stereo being a setient being (or Consciophonic) it's made the executive decision to put Such Great Heights into Very Heavy Rotation.  Audience reaction?   It is playing in Meoria to rave reviews.  Now, I've always liked the song but I do now remember saying back when I first got Give Up that it wasn't one of my favorites (although picking not-favorites on an album like Give Up is like ranking M&Ms - they're all excellent but you might go through a green phase).  well, SGH is having its day in the sun with me.  maybe i'm just in a particularly sentimental state of mind at the moment but I think I should have loved it at any time.  relatedly, i did like the Iron & Wine version but there really is no substitution for the Postal Service.  If you could ever imagine a drum machine smiling, it would have been recording that album. 

it's finally friday which means tomorrow is finally more football.   I've never felt more attached to football than I think I am right now (I watched 3/4 of the BCS college games, for crying out loud).  this relates to the above paragraph in that I think it may be due to a heightened sentimentality and a need for comfort entertainment.  but I know it's also arises out of pure practicality - football is one of the few things I have access to right now.  I want this month to last longer than it's going to be allowed.  When my birthday comes around, I'm going to have to think of other things to pay attention to for a while.  Pitchers and catchers reporting isn't even a sop this year... I don't have NESN!

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e_m_dwyer From: e_m_dwyer Date: January 9th, 2006 10:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!!!

HI! So, I got a new job at a restaurant in St. Paul. In Minnesota. On Grand Avenue (a sort of hipster neighborhood on the East side of the river...). And this guy calls us and asks if we have NESN. We are a restaurant that sells southern style food and has live jazz music on tuesdays and thursdays... we have two or three TVs in the entire place... Do we have NESN? Really? Perhaps this fellow should try, say, maybe a sports bar? Just a thought...

Miss ya... Hope all is well in your world...

Love and hugs,
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