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Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.
This guy's name will never be household but all the more reason to document it.

Playing in the minor NCAA Atlantic Sun conference Stetson University:

Chief Kickingstallionsims!

I looked it up, he's for real.


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I think one day I'm going to have to compile a list of all of my favorite athlete names so i can have them in one place. I'd like to do more with them of course, but given i'd be dealing with some rich/famous people, i'd have some murky proprietary/public figure issues.

for now, I have a new name to add to the as yet incomplete list. watching the Rose Bowl last night, I was introduced to the delectable name, Frostee Rucker, playing defense for the Longhorns.

Frostee Rucker, please meet some of your new cabinmates:

Radek Bonk
Scientific Mapp
Coco Crisp
Darius Kasparaitis
Jeff Saturday

actually, an undue percentage of these names will be coming from hockey for possibly spurious reasons. I mean, should I find names amusing just because they come from eastern europe or scandanavia? only if I can imagine some guy in Norway making a list of his favorite American athlete names and having a blast at the inclusion of Hank Blalock. Yes, for the purpose of this exercise, I can imagine this.


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