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Im in ur noun, verbing ur related noun.

Occasionally Catchy
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I am the sum of all creation divided by the total number of discrete units of all creation. You can find me under rocks, in streams, on tv, written in chalk on playgrounds and running desperately from assassins, but never all at once. If you've ever wondered out loud at an inopportune moment, the person you were with thought about me silently in response. Diligence can't wipe me away and vigilance doesn't keep me from returning. I'm that guy, that guy over there.

We all have ordinary lives but it's our stories that can get a little extra.
65 degrees, allston, amy poehler, arcana, being an atheist, calluses, conan, east williamsburg industrial park, electrelane, eleven, empiricism, fossilized remains, fried chicken, futile politics, girls in collered shirts, hurley, iced coffee, infinite jest, irony, john & john, knuckleball pitchers, kurt vonnegut jr., latin plurals, loose change, my fantasy standings, paget brewster, perfectly timed comments, professor thom's, puns, rob neyer, routine...routine...routine, sarcasm, sir david attenborough, slate, south park, styrofoam boots, the lottery, the shuffle feature, usage notes, volcanoes national park